When Will I Hear My Round 3 Duke Fuqua MBA Admission Decision (2021-2022)

The decision has been released

When Will I Hear My Round 2 Duke Fuqua MBA Admission Decision (2021-2022)

The decision has been released

When Will I Hear My Round 1 Duke Fuqua MBA Admission Decision (2021-2022)

Duke Fuqua will release the Round 1 Decisions for its MBA program on the 15th of December 2021. This is for the class that is expected to matriculate in the Fall of 2022. All those who are admitted receive a phone call letting them know that they were admitted.

But when exactly should candidates expect to receive a phone call? We decided to find out.

The chart above shows approximately the time candidates receive their admissions phone calls. All times are in EST.

Note that the chart begins at 15%. That’s because Fuqua actually makes some phone calls the day before. Specifically, those outside of the USA sometimes report getting a phone call at times as late as 9pm EST the day before the actual deadline. From the perspective of those candidates it’s the day of the actual deadline, since the US is behind time zones in Europe and Asia.

Not all international students can expect to find out the day before. Plenty of students outside of the US actually receive their admissions phone call on the day of the admissions deadline in the Eastern time zone. But internationals may want to make sure their phone is turned on throughout deadline-day in their own time zones.

The admissions committee gets its start early with phone calls starting as early at 7:30am EST. Those early morning phone calls typically go to candidates in Europe and Asia. Americans begin getting phone calls around 8am. There’s a burst of phone calls just before 9am EST, after which the phone calls slow down a little. Having started the day early the team seems to take a break around 11am. They’re done with most of their phone calls by 1:30pm EST.

Those who are admitted can expect a swag bag in the mail.

What Happens To Those Who Aren’t Admitted

Those who aren’t accepted typically find out through the portal. The portal is usually updated by 2pm. Those who are rejected or waitlisted typically also receive an email by 3:30pm letting them know of the bad news. 

Statistical Breakdown of Duke Fuqua Round 1

Success Rate

A lot of people will already have figured out that they didn’t make it because they didn’t receive an interview call. Of those who find out on decision day approximately 45% are admitted, 15% are rejected, and the rest are waitlisted. 


The median GMAT score of both those who are admitted and those who are rejected is 710. The median GMAT score of those who are waitlisted is 730.


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