When Will I Hear My Round 3 MIT Sloan MBA Admission Decision (2021 – 2022)

The round 3 decision will be released on 1 June 2022. The time shown on the timer here is estimated, as candidates can be informed at any time on that date.

When Will I Hear My Round 2 MIT Sloan MBA Admission Decision (2021 – 2022)

The decision has been released

When Will I Hear My Round 1 MIT Sloan MBA Admission Decision (2021 – 2022)

MIT Sloan will release the Round 1 Decisions for its MBA program on the 15th of December 2021. This is for the class that is expected to matriculate in the Fall of 2022. All those who are admitted receive a phone call letting them know that they were admitted. The phone call typically comes from the individual who interviewed the applicant.

But when exactly should candidates expect to receive a phone call? We decided to find out.

The chart above shows what time clients received their admissions phone calls this time last year. All times are in EST.

The calls start around 10am EST. In the beginning the calls trickle out slowly. The team seems to break for lunch around noon. Over the rest of the day the pace of admissions phone calls seems to accelerate. This is likely because as the day wears on the individuals making the phone calls probably become less verbose in their congratulations to candidates. Our clients have also reported that in the calls received towards the end of the day the caller often mentions that they’re behind schedule, and so they look to end the call quickly.

By 4pm EST the vast majority of calls have been completed. Those who are either waitlisted or rejected don’t receive a phone call. Instead, they find out through the portal. Last year the portal was updated at 4pm EST.

Statistical Breakdown of MIT Sloan Round 1

Success Rate

Note that by the time decision day rolls around Sloan has already sent out a round of rejections around the time that interview decisions are made. Of the remaining candidates, on decision day, typically ~65% of applicants are accepted. ~10% are rejected. The rest have to deal with the uncertainty of the waitlist.


The median GMAT score of accepted candidates is 740. Rejected candidates have a GMAT score of 730. As we’ve seen in the past, waitlisted candidates have the highest GMAT score of 750.

Note that once the class is formed the median GMAT score will likely fall as those with higher GMAT scores opt for other programs, leaving behind a pool of candidates with lower GMAT scores.


Beacon is an admissions consultancy that uses data analytics to help clients get admitted to elite business school programs. This analysis is based on admissions data from past years. The data is sourced from Beacon clients, anonymous interviews with current and former admission committee members, third party databases, and industry expert estimates.

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