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Harvard MBA 2+2 Program: The Unofficial Admissions Guide

Brilliantly captures everything you need to get into Harvard’s 2+2

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Harvard MBA 2+2

The Harvard Business School (HBS) 2+2 program is a deferred admission process for students without work experience to apply for a Harvard MBA. The program is highly competitive with the vast majority of applicants rejected. The few who are admitted can expect starting salaries worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after they graduate.

Suitable for current undergraduate students, and graduate students without work experience, this relatable book uses Avengers Endgame, Harry Potter, and Lady Gaga to help explain how applicants should approach their HBS application.

Featuring Chapters On...

The Harvard Business School essay

"As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA program?"

The HBS résumé

Showing Your Best Side

The Harvard recommendation letter

"How do the applicant's performance, potential, background, or personal qualities compare to those of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? Please provide specific examples"

Detailed Table of Contents

1. Your Story

1.1 Using This Guide
1.2 The Importance Of Your Story
1.3 Finding Your Story
1.4 Drafting Your Story
1.5 Putting The Story In The Context Of A Harvard MBA

2. Who Harvard Is Looking For

2.1 Why Harvard Started The 2+2 Program
2.2 Characteristics Harvard Is Looking For

3. Finding A Consultant

3.1 Evaluating A Consultant
3.2 What A Good Consultant Does

4. Pre-MBA Career Intentions

5. Harvard Business School Candidacy Essay

5.1 What Is Harvard Asking?
5.2 Getting The Right Tone
5.3 Getting The Right Content
5.4 Getting The Right Structure
5.5 Getting The Right Length
5.6 Master The Art Of Seduction
5.6.1 Mystery Is Alluring
5.6.2 What You Don’t See Is Sexier Than What You Do See
5.6.3 Confidence Wins The Night
5.6.4 It’s All About The Impact
5.7 Sample Essay

6. Additional Information

6.1 Take Responsibility
6.2 Show You’ve Grown
6.3 Some Reasons To Write The Essay

7. GMAT (Or GRE)

7.1 What Is A Good GMAT Score?
7.2 Analytical Writing Assessment
7.3 Integrated Reasoning
7.4 Some GMAT Tips
7.5 GMAT Versus GRE

8. Transcript

8.1 Which Transcripts To Submit
8.2 Obtaining A Transcript

9. Résumé

9.1 How Long Should It Be?
9.2 Structure
9.3 Describing Your Impact
9.4 Ensuring Proper Formatting

10. Recommendation Letters

10.1 Identifying Your Recommenders
10.1.1 Someone Who Knows You Well
10.1.2 Someone Who Is Unconflicted
10.1.3 Someone Who Is Up To The Task
10.2 Recommendations And Your Story
10.3 Communicating With Your Recommenders
10.4 Involving Your Consultant
10.5 What The Recommendation Should Include
10.5.1 General Principles
10.5.2 Context Of Relationship
10.5.3 Qualities
10.5.4 How Does The Applicant Compare?
10.5.5 Constructive Feedback
10.5.6 Closing Thoughts
10.6 Sample Recommendation 


11.1 There’s (Probably) Nothing Wrong With The Way You Speak
11.2 The Tests Make Questionable Assumptions
11.3 Even Westerners Would Struggle With These Exams
11.4 But…You Have To Pull It Together And Score Well
11.5 The Story And Language

12. Interview

12.1 The Interview In The Context Of Your Story
12.2 Your Manner Matters
12.3 Prepared Yet Authentic
12.4 The Five Question Types
12.4.1 Questions About Your Profile
12.4.2 Questions About Your Personality
12.4.3 Questions About Your Industry
12.4.4 Questions About Harvard
12.4.5 Oddball Questions
12.5 Do You Have Any Questions For Me?
12.6 Other Interview Tips
12.7 Post-Interview Reflection

13. Financial Aid

14. I Got In – Now What?

14.1 Find A Job
14.2 Look For Other 2+2s
14.3 Matriculate
14.4 Remember Your Recommenders

15. What Is The Harvard MBA Like?

15.1 The Students
15.2 The Curriculum
15.3 Case Studies
15.4 Extracurriculars
15.5 Career Resources

16. I Didn’t Get In

16.1 Making Peace With The Rejection
16.2 Your Future At Harvard
16.3 The Future Of Harvard
16.3.1 Harvard’s Reputation
16.3.2 Looking East
16.4 The Future Of Business School
16.4.1 The Future Is Technology
16.4.2 The Value Of Experience
16.4.3 Entrepreneurship
16.5 Final Thoughts

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