Our Values

Doing The Right Thing

At Beacon we believe in doing what’s right. Our mission is to help people get a good education. This means helping clients find universities where they will be able to learn.

We help clients score better on standardized tests. This is done by developing key aptitudes that will not only help clients score better on exams – but will also help them better engage with the materials they’ll be exposed to during their education and career.

We help clients develop essay writing skills. Given the importance of clear communication in every aspect of life, this is a skill that will help them in whatever goal they choose to pursue. 

We do not write essays on clients behalf. Nor do we try to subvert the admissions process in any other way, shape, or form. 

Our belief in our values has helped us establish a co-operative relationship with admissions committees at leading schools across the world. They appreciate the role that Beacon plays in helping put a client’s best face forwards, and are confident in our strong moral compass. 

We believe that those who try to undermine the admissions process do themselves a disservice.

There is little guarantee that those who promise to offer a backdoor into colleges in exchange for large fees will be able to deliver. Moreover those who are caught have a permanent stain on their record. 

Those who try to subvert the standard admissions process typically do so out of insecurity. They have either been failed by, or have failed the education system. It’s still not too late. We’ve helped clients who lacked core skills get admission to strong programs across the world. We do this by taking a back to basics approach teaching foundational concepts in a judgment-free environment. As long as our clients are willing to put in the extra effort and dedication necessary, there’s still time for them to turn their career around and choose a better path.

We also believe it is important that our advice be unconflicted. This is why we have a policy of refusing placement fees – fees paid by universities to consultants, for every client that the consultant sends to that university. While this is a common industry practice, we believe it to be unethical because we want the advisor’s overriding consideration to be applying to programs based on the clients’ goals.