Data Analytics

The power of Machine Learning

Our test preparation programs are anchored around a data analytics platform that closely monitors client performance across practice exams and worksheets. The system identifies patterns in the errors individuals make and creates focused recommendations for strategies to address knowledge gaps. 

The analysis looks beyond just question type and instead analyzes variables such as time allocation, and the influence of attributes including age, gender, and personality in answer selection. Using this system we focus our coaching on an individual’s weak areas, which is how we’re able to help clients rapidly improve their score. 

The Human Connection

Expertise and Experience

Data is important, but working with an experienced mentor who you know and trust is critical to properly leveraging analytical insights. A single mentor will take you through the program with frequent one-on-one meetings and group sessions. Along the way your mentor will learn your strengths and weaknesses and your preferred learning style so that the content is tailored to you.

Our mentors are caring and compassionate. We are on your side fighting against unfair exam requirements and expectations. We’re here to build your confidence up and to convince you that you, too, can dream big. Our clients typically build an enduring relationship with their mentor and continue to stay in touch with them after graduating from their business programs.

Our program is designed to maximize the efficiency of your time

Your time with Beacon is valuable

Our programs are designed with the understanding that you’re a busy professional with other commitments. Each moment with your mentor should be impactful, and should provide significant value. The mentor delivers training content based on your individualized needs and provides you with materials tailored to your specific weaknesses to complete in between meetings.

We use striking visuals to explain complex concepts

Clear and concise

We’ve devised our teaching curriculum based on the latest research on successful educational techniques. We understand the importance of good design in delivering impactful and visually pleasing content.  

A Back to Basics Approach

We're here to build you up

Terrible at math? Unsure about English grammar? Helping you figure it out is our job. We do it in a judgment-free environment and provide you the help you need. If you’re willing to put in the effort, so are we. We’ll help you return to the basics and ensure you have a secure foundation upon which to build success.