All In One Program

We’ll take you through the entire process including GMAT preparation, application essay guidance, financial aid planning and more

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Engaged Mentors

Our mentor coaches were all educated at elite universities in the West, are fun to work with, and enjoy building a connection with clients

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Personalized Curriculum

Mentors meet with clients both one-on-one and in small groups of five; they create a personalized admissions program based on AI-driven insights.

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Our Integrated Program

Covers these areas


Our coaching platform identifies patterns in errors and creates customized modules that help dramatically increase GMAT scores and put you in the top percentile of applicants

MBA Applications

We teach you to write spine-tingling essays; a useful skill for your entire career

Recommendation Letters

We help you identify recommenders, and then work with your recommenders directly to help them write letters that tell your core story in an effective manner


We understand how to use the 600 square centimeters available on a resume page to convey your core essence

Interview Preparation

We help you develop your interview skills so that you leave a lasting impression giving you an edge over other candidates

University Selection

We have a prediction algorithm that analyzes your profile and helps you identify the business schools among the top 20 in the world that are most likely to admit you.

Our Clients

We deliver outstanding results
Average post graduation salary of Beacon clients
Median GMAT score of Beacon clients
Our clients have secured admission to top schools in the United States

Harvard, Wharton, Booth

We have clients that have graduated from all of the top 20 MBA schools. Our experts review admission trends and priorities every year for each of the top schools to guide you in tailoring your application to maximize your chances of securing admission.

We build a community

All our clients become part of the Beacon community. Our alumni help mentor current clients and provide networking, venture capital, and job opportunities at companies in countries across the world.

  • Receive advice from our alumni at Fortune 500 companies
  • Network with our alumni at venture capital firms
  • Speak with current business school students to understand campus life
  • Network with leaders in the United States, Canada, and India

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