Launching Beacon Glow

Beacon Community was founded to solve two problems:

  1. Graduate admission to elite universities is needlessly complex
  2. The wealth of data available in the world today isn’t being properly utilized to help people advance their careers

To address these challenges we launched Beacon to provide data-driven test preparation and application support services. We use various tools to help our clients get admitted to the programs of their dreams. 

Today we’ve decided to publicly release some of the tools we use. You’ll find them over on our sister website Beacon Glow.  

We’ve started small. Right now we’re just showing upcoming deadlines for elite MBA programs, as well as some analytics on exactly when applicants can expect to hear back on their candidacy. We’ll be adding more programs, details, and analytics in the weeks ahead.

This is just a small example of the kind of resources and analytics we provide to our clients across a broad swathe of graduate programs. If you’d like to discuss with one of our team members how we can support with your specific application don’t hesitate to reach out

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