The Highest Ranked Regular MBA Programs That Accept The Executive Assessment

The Executive Assessment is growing in popularity as an admissions exam. It’s a myth that the EA is only accepted for Executive MBA admissions. Regular MBA programs are increasingly beginning to look favorably on the exam. We explain why here.

We’ve provided for each the US News 2023 rankings, the Bloomberg 2022-2023 rankings, and the FT 2022 rankings. Note that the US News and Bloomberg rankings only consider USA programs while the FT rankings include programs from across the globe.

Columbia August Entry MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 8

US News Rank: 8

FT Rank (Global): 2

NYU Stern Full-time MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 11

US News Rank: 12

FT Rank (Global): 14

Darden Full-Time MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 9

US News Rank: 14

FT Rank (Global): 20

Fuqua Daytime MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 13

US News Rank: 12

FT Rank (Global): 19

Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 15

US News Rank: 10

FT Rank (Global): 24

CMU Tepper Full-Time MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 25

US News Rank: 16

FT Rank (Global): 23

Georgetown McDonough Full-Time MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 26

US News Rank: 22

FT Rank (Global): 27

Texas McCombs Full-Time MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 19

US News Rank: 18

FT Rank (Global): 46

Vanderbilt MBA

Bloomberg Rank: 29

US News Rank: 25

FT Rank (Global): 41

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