Introducing The Beacon Test Center: A Premium Exam Experience To Combat Test Anxiety

Exam anxiety is real and prevents countless people from getting the scores they’re capable of. The pandemic has meant that it is now possible to take the GMAT and GRE exams online presenting new opportunities to combat exam anxiety. Beacon is proud to have launched a premium exam-taking experience to allow individuals to take the GMAT and GRE exams in a low-stress environment.

The Beacon Test Center Experience is offered at our headquarters in Cyber City, Gurgaon. Before the exam test-takers are taken to a Comfort Room where they’re offered a selection of premium refreshments, music, and other amenities. Once the test-taker is ready to begin they’ll be taken to a scented test center-compliant exam room with a whiteboard, markers, and infused water. During each of the exam breaks test-takers will be escorted back to the comfort room where they’ll be able to refresh themselves with a hot towel, a Starbucks beverage, and other refreshments.

Clients who have taken the exam at the Beacon Test Center have seen a median GMAT score increase of 40 points compared to a prior exam taken at an official test center.

Find out more about the Experience, pricing, and answers to frequently asked questions over here.

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