The Beacon Test Center: A Premium Exam Experience To Combat Test Anxiety

Exam anxiety is real and prevents countless people from getting the scores they’re capable of. The pandemic has meant that it is now possible to take the GMAT and GRE exams online presenting new opportunities to combat exam anxiety. Beacon has launched a premium exam-taking experience to allow individuals to take the GMAT and GRE exams in a low-stress environment.

The Beacon Test Center Experience is offered at our headquarters in Cyber City, Gurgaon. Before the exam test-takers are taken to a Comfort Room where they’re offered a selection of premium refreshments, music, and other amenities. Once the test-taker is ready to begin they’ll be taken to a scented test center-compliant exam room with a whiteboard, markers, and infused water. During each of the exam breaks test-takers will be escorted back to the comfort room where they’ll be able to refresh themselves with a hot towel, a Starbucks beverage, and other refreshments.

Clients who have taken the exam at the Beacon Test Center have seen a median GMAT score increase of 40 points compared to a prior exam taken at an official test center.

The Experience


Optimize Performance

Before the exam and during the breaks we offer a selection of snacks, fresh fruit, and other refreshments selected by you.


Prepare the Senses

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony or Taylor Swift’s Ready For It – build a playlist that pumps you up. Before the exam and during the breaks use our spectacular omnisonic noise-cancelling headphones to prime yourself for success.


Transcend the Exam

Both the exam room and the comfort room are scented with your preferred fragrance. Popular selections include lavender, citrus, and jasmine. 

Hot Towels

Clear your head

During the breaks a valet will have a hot towel ready so that you can mentally reset before taking the next section of the exam.


Boost Yourself

Your valet will have a fresh Starbucks beverage of your choice waiting for you.

...and more!
  • Test room with guaranteed power supply
  • Ergonomic chair
  • All necessary test collateral including a whiteboard and markers
  • Infused water in a clear container for the exam
  • Anything else we can provide to ease the exam-taking experience!


The Beacon Test Center Experience

For Peak Performance


Who are you?

We’re the Beacon Community! We help people secure admission to elite business schools. We offer GMAT preparation as well as application support services.

Where are you located?

We offer the Beacon Test Center Experience at our Headquarters in Cybercity Gurugram.

Who is this aimed at?

Exam anxiety is common and causes people to score much less than what they deserve. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of online GMAT/GRE exams we spotted an opportunity to ease that anxiety, while also serving those who didn’t have a reliable internet connection at home.

We were stunned by the results: the median score increase on the GMAT has been 40 points. We thus decided to open the offering up to anybody who wanted to take the GMAT or GRE exam in a premium spa-like experience.

How does this work?

Schedule an online GMAT or GRE exam, then reach out to us to let us know when you plan to take it. We’ll prepare the Exam Experience. We suggest stopping by about half an hour before the exam so that you can get set up, and then you’ll launch into the exam.

Is this a formal GMAT/GRE exam center?

Nope! It is better! You’re taking the online GMAT/GRE exam. The exam room and the wider experience is compliant with GMAT/GRE rules and requirements. From the perspective of the GMAT/GRE this is no different than if you chose to take the exam at home.

The actual experience though is unlike any other. The official exam centers often lead to anxiety inducing experiences with sterile environments, excessive frisking, and extended checks. In contrast, the Beacon Test Center strives to create as relaxing and engaging an environment as possible so you can perform at your best.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

We can provide a laptop if you’d like. Just let us know in advance. Most people prefer to take the exam on their own system since they’re familiar with their touchpad and keyboard.

What happens if I need to reschedule the exam?

Then we reschedule the exam =)! Our aim is to eliminate as much stress from the exam experience as possible. Just let us know and we’ll either reschedule or refund the cost of the Experience.

How does this impact my score?

Clients who took the GMAT exam at the Beacon Test Center saw a median increase of 40 points in their GMAT score compared to a prior exam taken at a GMAT test center.

In post-exam debriefs the clients credited the improvement to the supportive environment provided by Beacon.

We haven’t had enough people take the GRE exam at the Beacon Test Center to report meaningful insights.

Will you...?

Sure! As long as it is ethical and doesn’t compromise the integrity of the exam we’re here to make your exam-taking experience as comfortable as possible. If there’s something more that we can do just ask. We’re here to help.

Can I visit to check out the facilities?

This seems kind of pricey...

It is, and we are sorry about how expensive this all is. We hate how the GMAT and GRE work and have made our feelings clear. The cost of the experience reflects the costs we incur in providing a premium experience at the heart of Cybercity. You could always look to your family and friends to help you re-create a similar experience. Feel free to reach out for advice on how to do so.

We invite you to consider the Experience in the context of the wider application journey though. The performance improvement can be the difference between attending your dream program and dealing with the perpetual agony that is the waitlist. It can also mean thousands of additional dollars in merit scholarships. Avoiding endless retakes (and the time and resources wasted in preparing for them) can be priceless.

Note that taking the GMAT online entitles test-takers to send their scores to an unlimited number of schools for free. This makes the online GMAT financially more attractive than the exam-center one.

I'm convinced. What now?

Drop us an email and we’ll be in touch about arranging the experience: Beacon@Beacon.Community

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