Wharton Writings

#WhartonWritings: A Normal Lunch at Wharton

My companions during lunch: Bain Consultant from Mexico Harvard undergrad from France having worked at McKinsey Navy officer from Israel Soldier from Ukraine Indian banker from Citi Someone whose 50% Norwegian and 50% French A Georgia undergrad (The European country not the American state – though I’m sure there are a few of the latter...
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#WhartonWritings: My Goals For This Blog

Why a blog? I have four goals. 1. A Living Record of a Living Dream I’m living my dream. I’m one of those fortunate souls who dreamt something up and then actually made it happen—against all odds, as humanly and insanely possible. And I want to remember that. On days when I’m feeling down or...
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#WhartonWritings: Hello Wharton

After a journey that began three years ago I’m at Wharton for my MBA. Some felt I was too old. Others felt that they’d never accept a second MBA. The term “overrepresented category” was frequently thrown about. But here I am. Perhaps I’m overestimating the time I’ll have but I’m hoping to use this blog...
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