#WhartonWritings: My Goals For This Blog

Why a blog? I have four goals.

1. A Living Record of a Living Dream

I’m living my dream. I’m one of those fortunate souls who dreamt something up and then actually made it happen—against all odds, as humanly and insanely possible. And I want to remember that. On days when I’m feeling down or questioning my accomplishments, I want to look back and say, “Hey, you did that!”

2. Bringing You Along for the Ride

The internet has this magical ability to connect people, to make distances feel less distant. So, why not bring people along on this journey? Whether you’re a prospective student trying to figure out if Wharton is for you, or just someone who enjoys a good story, I hope this blog serves as a window into this incredible experience.

3. A Journal for Reflection

This blog is also my journal. Over the next two years, I want to see how far I’ve come, what I’ve learned, and who I’ve become. It’s a space for reflection, for understanding the layers that make up Me at Wharton.

4. Keeping It Real

If I ever get too caught up in the whirlwind of American culture, start “positioning” myself too much, or lose sight of who I am, this blog will serve as my anchor. It’s a way to keep me grounded, to remind me of my roots and my journey.

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