Beacon Test Prep

We help clients with the Executive Assessment, GMAT, and GRE exams.

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Beacon Application Support

We help clients get admitted to elite graduate programs.

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Beacon Reference

For those looking for reference materials to shape their thinking.

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Harvard and other top 20 programs are easier to secure admission to than you realize

We're here to help you get into the world's best graduate programs

We help clients get admitted to a wide range of graduate programs. The majority of clients seek guidance for MBA and MIM-style programs, but we also have experience with admission to graduate programs in the natural science (physics, chemistry, biology etc.) as well as law degree programs (e.g., LLM) amongst others. We provide guidance on essays, work with recommenders, and generally provide support in the application journey. Clients are paired with an advisor who supports them throughout. 

Our test preparation programs are currently delivered in a small number of locations. They focus on leveraging analytics to intelligently identify weak areas and generate insights that have been successful at rapidly raising test scores. 

For those who are considering a business school application but aren’t ready to commit to a formal program we are in the process of publishing reference material and recently released a guide to Harvard Business School’s 2+2 deferred admission MBA program.